Presentation skills

Running a first aid course can be a demanding experience. Courses are very practical based and can be intense for the participants. Its important to have a good presentation technique in order to create the best learning environment for your candidates.

Here’s some general handy hints and tips when delivering first aid training:

  • Plan your sessions carefully, ensure you have all the required resources available
  • Timetable breaks and keep to them – try not to overrun
  • Break up theory with practical activities
  • Allow time for candidates to practice the skills they have learnt
  • Recognise that not everyone learns at the same pace
Presentation slideshows
  • Put as little as possible on a slide. People will turn off if they see lots of writing. Keep it simple, bullet points even, but avoid paragraphs. This will mean when you talk through your presentation you’re expanding on your points, making it much more interesting to the audience.
  • Use basic fonts, fancy fonts don’t make easy reading.
  • Use clear colours and backgrounds, they may be your favourite colours but they’re not necessarily easy to ready for the next half an hour.
  • Use lots of pictures, even videos which will keep your audience engaged.
  • Keep it short, don’t talk for hours or end you’ll lose the audience’s attention.
Specific advice for first aid trainers
  • Know your audience. There’s nothing worse than talking in medical gobbledegook to 8 year old scouts or talking down to experienced health care workers.
  • Use lots of visual demonstrations, it’s much easier to demonstrate how to apply a bandage or sling than describing it.
  • Incorporate lots of practice, practice makes perfect in first aid.
  • Try to create realistic scenarios using actors and makeup, making it fun and practical will make it memorable.

Use past real life examples, people learn from experience and you can pass that on.